Digital Dental Solutions is dedicated to advancing the profession of Dentistry.

In a very competitive industry, a transition to the future of dentistry could be just what you need to attract new clients. If you're already busy, going digital enables you to improve your chair-time efficiency. A transition to digital offers time and money savings, while improving quality of the restorations and the patient experience. Not only will the impression system save you money, but also the digital process cuts down on turnaround time from impression to finished crown.

In Office Training Foundations

By the end of this training, you will have proficiency with the hardware and software to complete scans.  Our clinical instructor will conduct full day or half day clinical training. Scheduling is flexible and after our Clinical Training, you will have the skills for successfully using digital scanners in your practice.

Additional Education

Hired a new staff member? Need a refresher? Our team of Digital Scanning Specialists are here to meet your ongoing training support needs. You will gain scheduling flexibility and ongoing training support which will maximize the benefits of Digital Scanning for your practice.

Training sessions are comprised of the following topics:

  • Scanner software and hardware overview
  • Scanning techniques
  • STL Export
  • Implant Workflow
  • Invisalign Workflow

Accelerate The Digital Learning Curve

Any Digital Scanner is a serious investment for the future of any Dental Practice. Maximising the use of your equipment is critical to your success as “time is $$!” As with any technology, you will likely experience a learning curve with intra oral scanners. That’s why I am committed to helping you feel confident with the technology so you can achieve outstanding final results. My experience in the dental field can help you and your team troubleshoot problems and support you as you learn how to get the most value from your scanner.

Digital Dental Solutions provides the expertise required to assist you and your team in getting the very best productivity from the use of your Digital Scanner.

Implementing our training program will save you valuable time per scan that will have a significant impact on your net profit. Furthermore, we can offer the training service at a significant discount to current training costs, enabling your practice to ensure a tremendous Return on Your Investment (ROI).

The Digital Dental Solutions Difference

Our experts at Digital Dental Solutions come to your office to capture impressions after dental implants are placed. This provides a faster, more comfortable, and much more precise image. Your laboratory partner can now create an error free customized abutment designed specifically for your patient.


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