Digital Dental Impression FAQs

How does the digital process work?

The digital process is quite simple.  We take the scan of the patient’s mouth, fill out the digital RX, and click send. The lab receives the scan, design, mill, glaze/finish the restoration, and ship the model-free restoration back to you within 1-2 weeks.

Which one should I buy?

Buy the quality system that fits you best. This is not a one size fits all scenario. The needs of each practice are different. Discovering what your needs and goals are will help us identify which system is the best fit for you. Call us for a free phone consultation or visit.

How does the lab work with no models only a virtual model?

With a digital impression a lab can complete some cases with only a digital model, and for other cases labs can either mill or 3D print models based on the digital impression.

Can I use my lab?

If the intraoral scanner produces open STL or files, then you can continue working with your current lab without any problems at all as long as they have 'open' CAD systems. You can simply send the open files to your chosen lab, who can view and manipulate the images using their CAD software without ever needing to purchase new or upgrade their existing systems.

How will I save money?

When you add up the savings on your lab bill - impression material, trays, tips, and time - the savings are significant. Add to that a positive change to the patient experience, increased capacity, and more word of mouth referrals. With great financing terms many practices are able to increase cash flow immediately.

How much does the scanning service cost?

Every case is different.  Please call or email us for a quote.

Can I get a crown back the same day?

Depending on your workflow set-up, you can have a crown back in hours. The time-savings are undeniable.

Why is a digital crown produced faster?

A digital crown is faster because your scan arrives at the lab very quickly. Since models are not necessary, design and milling can be started the same day you scan the patient. In the traditional workflow the case would have to be shipped, scheduled, have models fabricated and trimmed, and would not reach the design phase until day 3 at the very least.

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